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The four hoops and my ideas for them

The first hoop has a peach satin fabric in it - I don’t like how this fabric looks it doesn’t have the right asthetic feel to it. Compared to the other three fabrics too it is far too plain and the colour doesn’t sit right.
Also due to the nature of the fabric it pulls and leaves ripples on top.

The second hoop is possibly my favourite fabric!
I think this overly floral hoop fabricwould be the best one for my ‘why don’t you go FUCK yourself’ set.
The juxtaposition between highly floral and femnine fabric and a crude statement would work really well.

The Third hoop as I mentioned before gives me a 60’s vibe so would be wonderful! to embroider a martini glass on - or go extremly mad men and embroider a type writer or cigarette & ashtray on to it!

The third hoop, the fabric is my so bright and fun and looks the best with the natural wood hoop. However I’m not 100% sure what I would embroider on to this fabric….. I am stuck on this one